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Beer Articles

We're far more than a Bottle Shop flogging beers, we're passionate about Welsh Beer and love to support the industry as much as possible. We have been doing articles for two publications with the aim of highlighting the smaller breweries to give them much needed exposure, as well as keeping people up to date on all the beery happenings in Wales. However one of the publications, Love Nosh, is currently on hold, (hopefully they'll find a way forward), but in the meantime we are pleased to announce we're doing more publications.

We don't get paid for these, this is purely voluntary and we do this simply as a way of helping the industry, so if you're a brewer struggling to get press then drop us a line.

The West Wales Chronicle is a weekly on-line paper. The Chronicle brings local news throughout Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion, Swansea, & beyond Wales, with readers from throughout the world. We do a weekly (ish) 'Wales Ales' Column with a focus on what is happening in the Beer Industry generally and West-bound breweries. We have done various brewery focus articles covering Tin Works and Dog's Window Breweries, Tryanuary, Rugby beers, Gluten Free beers, the Ale Trail and the various types of IPA.

The Llanelli Standard is the new newspaper for Llanelli, by people from Llanelli and based in Llanelli. It is a monthly publication and distributed around the Llanelli area. We are doing a monthly column similar to the West Wale Chronicle but specifically focussed on what is happening West-bound. We will tend to choose one of the weekly articles we do for the West Wales Chronicle to be featured in print (with a slight amendment to focus on the readership).

Buzz Magazine is South Wales’ leading free monthly entertainment magazine, and has been for 25 years. Covering Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, the Valleys, Gwent and West Glamorgan, Buzz is the definitive guide to what’s on and happening in art, theatre, music, clubs, fashion and sport.

25,000 copies of Buzz are distributed every month to all key information centres, hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants, museums, theatres, galleries, record stores and universities. We're delighted to have been approached to do a column, especially as it will focus on a different geographical area. It will also cater towards a shorter article specifically geared towards brewery focus and beer reviews. Expect to see our first feature in the November issue.

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