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***NEW SUBSCRIPTION PLANS*** We are pleased to announce the Wales Ales Subscription Plan.

We like to keep things simple and offer something different from the usual on-line beer clubs, rather than get random beers you can either leave it up to us or specify a style preference, we like to offer a much more personal service and make sure you'll get beers you'll enjoy. We love themes so each month you can expect something new e.g. summer, IPAs, rugby, christmas, brewery focus etc or if there was a beer you particularly enjoyed then ask for it again!​ We'll email you in advance to let you know what the monthly theme is and then you can make any amendments or requests if there's something you don't fancy.

Our beers vary in price from £2.50-£3.50 so this represents a good saving and a chance to try something new. The plan structure is simple, same price of £15 for each plan, but you get more for the longer you subscribe in the form of more expensive limited, small batch or stronger beers together with beery goodies like beer mats, pin badges, coasters and glassware.

Additional to this an extra incentive, anyone subscribing for 3 months will receive 5% off any additional purchases and for 6 months (the most popular plan) you'll receive 10%! You will also get first refusal on any new products, bargains or limited edition stuff.

An ideal gift for Father's Day or for yourself. To place an order simply visit

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