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Happy New Year to all our customers! It's this time of year we do a big stock take and do the boring admin jobs we've held off. However after all of the Christmas deliveries we were shocked by the amount of cardboard boxes left over. Therefore in an effort to be more environmentally friendly we have decided we will re-use the boxes we receive from breweries, some of these will be branded and maybe a little creased but we feel that the majority of customers purchase for their own use and are not overly concerned about the package they arrive in, this will also mean that we are not wasting money on purchasing boxes and can maintain our very competitive prices.

However should the customer request, or it's for a gift, we'll be pleased to use the normal new boxes and hope customer's get on board with this initiative, afterall it's what's in the bottles (or cans) that counts rather than what they're carried in.

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