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Thanks to our friends from 'beer is poetry' for this fantastic poem about our Chocolate Chow Wow ....

Ollie's Brewery? Chocolate Chow Wow? Write a poem? Just don't know how…


What will rhyme with Chocolate Chow Wow?... Maybe Ollie's much-missed Bow Wow...?


Ollie roamed round Cardiff City, (Sad and lonely, more's the pity…) Cardiff Dog's Home took him in: And Ollie's life could then begin!

Yes, you'll see, this turned out well! Jon couldn't leave him there to dwell! When Jon turned up and picked him out, Well, Ollie thought: "What's this about?

"Is this an angel from above? An Angel come to show me love? I think it's so, so in return, I'll make sure that his love I'll earn..."

Ollie did the best he could, (If I have not misunderstood...) As Love flowed to and from his master, Growing big and beating faster…

Then one day young Jon decided, Hoping not to be misguided...: "Brewing beer is what I'll do, And Ollie here will help me through,

And so I'll name it Ollie's Brewery, Deadly serious! No tomfoolery!"

And what do I think about this...?


Ollie's Brewery: try it out! They brew a truly lovely stout! Chocolate Chow Wow's what it's called: I've had a taste, I'm now enthralled!


…sadly nothing lasts I'm told, And Ollie passed away… too old, So Jon now feels: "I miss my friend, I miss him so... I cant pretend…

"I've had a thought: he's heaven sent… A phrase that rhymes with ten per cent! So if you buy a Choccy Chow Wow: Ten per Cent I'll give - oh, Bow Wow!

"Ten percent to those who've helped, Yes, ten per cent (Old Ollie yelped!) Ten Per Cent to those who care! So buy this stout - a taste that's rare!

"There are many groups to thank: (With 'Wales Ales' one - I must be frank!) But Cardiff Dog's home is the one, That I and Ollie counted on…"

Friends of the Dogs Wales….

Back them please!


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