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POLLY'S & VAULT CITY  - VAULTING POLLY SOUR (440ml) 5.8%(Gold member £5.03)

POLLY'S & VAULT CITY - VAULTING POLLY SOUR (440ml) 5.8%(Gold member £5.03)

Scottish sour beer wizards Vault City have proved to be an invaluable source of business advice over our time as an active brewery - our owner Sean being very close with Vault City owner Steven, who has been a fountain of knowledge as we segued into the pretty daunting world of off-trade retail and supermarket listings when covid was at its peak and again as it rescinded. As one of the most successful breweries in the country on this growing side of our own business, we’re eternally grateful for their guidance, tips and a little bit of gossip peppered in throughout. Wanting to bring balance to our six birthday collabs, we enlisted the expertise of our own sour beer wizard Lally to combine his knowledge with the incredibly talented brewers at Vault City to bring a sour beer to the party as a boozy palate cleanser. Working to our strengths of hops, and our Edinburgh-based pals expertise in fruits, Vaulting Polly is a Mango and El Dorado sour - pairing the natural sweetness of over a tonne of mango with a hefty dry hop charge of El Dorado to bring a shedload of sticky tropical notes to the party on this slammer of a sour


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