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POLLY'S  - PILSNER (440ml) 4.7%(Gold member £3.55)

POLLY'S - PILSNER (440ml) 4.7%(Gold member £3.55)

Pilsner - Lager Beer 4.7%

Introducing the first release of our brand new Core Range.

When we were looking to expand our core range, we analysed what it was that other breweries had in their arsenal and it became obvious to really do a core range well, we’d need a lager as part of our output. Stripping things entirely back to basics with our effort, Pilsner is a straight up, no frills lager; brewed in honour of those incredible German and Czech styles that we treat as a reward for ourselves after a long week at the brewkit. A very simple grist bill imparts biscuit sweetness to play off a noble hop addition of Mittelfruh and Saaz to honour those aforementioned Czech and German masters for a pilsner that is crisp, clean, and delightfully moreish.


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