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POLLY'S  - THE MAVERICK IPA (440ml) 6.2% (Gold member £4.41)

POLLY'S - THE MAVERICK IPA (440ml) 6.2% (Gold member £4.41)

The Maverick - India Pale Ale 6.2%

Everyone loves a maverick - those who go against the grain, the ones who are independent from the group and do their own thing. When we started brewing those first Loka Polly beers back in early 2018 we were very much against the grain of what our local area wanted; hazy beer? It’ll never sell. Modern beer? Keep it traditional if you want to make it around here. We found we were the mavericks, and we’re absolutely over the moon that trends have grown and developed to such an extent that we’re inspiring the next wave of mavericks looking to shake up our industry. This is an IPA brewed for those starry eyed mavericks of 2018 and those future innovators - a straight up tropical punchbowl consisting of our favourite hops in Azacca, Citra and Galaxy; all working in harmony to bring those sweet clementine, mango, and pineapple flavour notes that we took our own inspiration from.


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