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POLLY'S  - LITTLE OH MY ... (440ml) 4.5%(Gold member£4.15)

POLLY'S - LITTLE OH MY ... (440ml) 4.5%(Gold member£4.15)

A cult beer since its inception back in 2020, Oh My has steadily grown itself a dedicated fan base that fawns over its easy to utilise, but tremendously difficult to master balance-wise combination of Citra and Sabro. Whilst we will always love the original version to the bitter end; we’ve always found it to be at the more challenging end of the pale ale ABV spectrum; full bodied enough to compete with our bigger IPAs, but a little too strong to session on. With this in mind, we decided to reignite our series of beers that take all the flavour intensity of our well-renowned bigger beers, scale it back to sessionable strength without sacrificing any of the qualities that made the original so great. Hello then, Little Oh My – a beer brewed specifically with pints of our in-house favourite beer in mind. Sabro is the dominant hop in this beer; that uniquely Sabro flavour kaleidoscope is on full display with tropical fruits, coconut, and just a whisper of creme de menthe, backed up with fresh cut citrus fruits from our old dependable, Citra


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