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6IX PACK OF TWT LOL (500ml)  (Gold member £21.87)
  • 6IX PACK OF TWT LOL (500ml) (Gold member £21.87)

    Bragdy Twt lol, Trefforest

    (6 x 500ml Bottles)


    We are a fresh and dynamic microbrewery located in Trefforest, South Wales. Our exceptional award winning ales are hand crafted and honed at such a small scale we’ve been able to truly push the taste experience of real ale.


    Known for- vibrant bright and fun labels, mixing traditional and modern craft brewing. A very keen duel language brewery.


    Wales Ales says: One of the first breweries we stocked. This multi award winning brewery is a festival favourite.



    Established in 2015, based on a foundation of enthusiasm and trade experience our goal was to be unashamedly different from the other commercial breweries.

    At the heart of our belief is to treat beer with respect.  We take time to put forward the best recipe and spend good money on ingredients others wouldn’t source.  Our vast ale range will continue to develop, innovating on a small enough scale to be able to try things larger breweries wouldn’t dare, giving you the quality and variety you deserve.

    At the same time, we like to have a bit of fun!

    Bragdy Twt Lol is a play on words in Welsh, which is not easy to translate! The Welsh language is very important to us, and we hope to show the World how much fun we find both Welsh and English languages. We’ll continue to mould, craft and blend our languages using local folklore and interesting stories from further afield to inspire and expand our range of mischief and quality ales.


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