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POLLY'S  - Goldroom - Pale Ale (440ml)5.6% (Gold member £4.15)

POLLY'S - Goldroom - Pale Ale (440ml)5.6% (Gold member £4.15)

The original decadent pale ale offering from Polly’s HQ receives a 2024 update and it’s positively dripping with bling. Goldroom was our nod to that incredible Originals range Mosaic Simcoe pale ale that really put our then fledgling brewery on the map. Like drinking Lilt for grown ups, this beer was a positively perfect direction of where we wanted our beers to go. How do you improve on what is already a great beer though? You level it up with an in-house favourite and make it a three way dance baby! Mosaic and Simcoe as a pairing already bursts with tropical and stone fruit notes, but add a little Idaho 7 in there and we’re bordering into breakfast juice territory. All that glitters is gold, and all that is decadence in a pale ale is Goldroom.


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