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POLLY'S  - Floored Effect – Pale Ale 5.5% (Gold £4.01)

POLLY'S - Floored Effect – Pale Ale 5.5% (Gold £4.01)

Floored Effect – Pale Ale 5.5%

It's back once again! A beer brewed with it in mind that trends were shifting away from the super-syrupy, boozy behemoths that graced 2020 and 2021, we’re seeing a lot of preference for straight up, simple and smashable pale ales. How do you stand out though when everybody is doing the same? You make the best dang pale ales you possibly can with the best combinations available to you, that’s what. Throughout our highly praised history, we were astounded to discover that we’d never combined Polly’s stalwart Simcoe with the enchanting Cashmere. Armed with the latest crop year of both, we immediately set about correcting this blip in our history and Floored Effect is the result. Intentional with our inclusion of Cashmere on this beer, we find pairing it with Simcoe causes those crisp and zesty lemon, lime and melon notes to absolutely sing, with subtle stone fruits in the back before mellowing out to a smooth bitterness perfect for the style.


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