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Tryanuary is here and we're delighted to once again help support the industry as The South Wales contact! Tryanuary is the annual, month-long promotion aimed at getting people trying new beers, new breweries and supporting independent hospitality businesses.

What is Tryanuary?Each year the #Tryanuary campaign uses the power of social media, and the collective voice of the beer industry to promote new beers and new places to get them. It's all about trying new things and supporting your local businesses to make sure the beer industry starts the year with a bang - this year is a little different of course but the industry needs all the support it can get right now!

What is Wales Ales doing? Firstly we'll be encouraging everyone in the industry to get involved and will also lead by example-

- Promote all those getting involved (if they let us know) and include them in all press releases

- Special #Tryanuary themed Beer Club featuring breweries in the Vale of Glamorgan

- Expanding our range of bumper packs and brewery mixed cases

- Special discounts and bargains

- A #Tryanuary competition where you can win a variety of merchandise!

What should you do? The ultimate aim is to make January an exciting month for drinkers and a profitable one for those in the industry, so get ordering, post your purchases and remember to #Tryanuary!


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