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SUPER BOCK STOUT (PORTUGAL) (330ml) 5%(Gold member £2.40)

SUPER BOCK STOUT (PORTUGAL) (330ml) 5%(Gold member £2.40)

Super Bock Stout is A Dark, Full-Bodied Beer, Boasting Rich Flavors With A Smooth Finish. Brewed In Portugal, This Stout Offers A Unique Blend Of Roasted Malt, Coffee, And Caramel Notes. Its 33cl Size Makes It Perfect For Enjoying A Personal Serving Of This Robust, Flavorful Beer. Ideal For Those Who Appreciate A Well-Crafted Stout, Super Bock Promises An Unforgettable Tasting Experience.

Super Bock Stout Entered The Portuguese Market In 2003. This Special Black Beer Is Made From A Combination Of Malts (Pale, Chocolate And Caramel) Which Results In A Distinct Aroma And Taste, Crowned By A Creamy And Lasting Foam. SUPER BOCK Stout Reveals A Unique Balance Between Sweetness And Bitterness, Which Makes It Genuinely Special.

Aroma: Soft Caramel With A Slightly Fruit Aroma.

Appearance: Dark Colour With A Dark And Abundant Foam.

Flavour: Slightly Toasted Malt, Balance Between Bitterness And Sweetness.

Suggestions: Serve Between 5º And 8º C.

Allergy Advice: Contains Barley


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