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SUPER BOCK LAGER (PORTUGAL) (LARGE BOTTLE 660ml) 4.7% (Gold member £2.62)

SUPER BOCK LAGER (PORTUGAL) (LARGE BOTTLE 660ml) 4.7% (Gold member £2.62)

A pilsner beer, golden and luminous, fine-tasting and refreshing. With 40 medals received, 39 Gold, of which 34 consecutive, in the prestigious international competition Monde Selection, Super Bock is internationally recognized for its high quality.

Launched in 1927, Super Bock is part of the group of beers known as Lagers. The selection of the best varieties of malt and hops, as well as the use of a pure and special yeast and the best process conditions, allow you to obtain a bright, lively blond beer with a pure and very creamy white foam. The fresh, slightly malted and fruity aroma, the medium body and the balanced taste, the well-structured bitter sweet malt and the light and dry finish, so typical of the style, put Super Bock on a higher plane.


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