POLLY'S  - WITHER OAT PORTER  (440ml) 5.8% (Gold member £3.06)

POLLY'S - WITHER OAT PORTER (440ml) 5.8% (Gold member £3.06)

Wither - Oat Porter 5.8%

Whilst we're primarily known for our pale and hoppy beers, every now and again we love to throw a curve ball into our brew plans with a dark beer to keep our brewers happy. As self-confessed huge fans of the kings of the porter, The Kernel, we wanted to brew our own homage to the London OGs with a little Polly's twist. Step forward, Wither - a porter brewed with Cara Special, Crystal Dark, Crystal Medium and Chocolate malts, we've amplified this beer up with a heavy dose of Oats in the mash to thicken the mouthfeel up to our usual Polly's standard. With just a whisper of Centennial in the whirlpool, this beer brings plenty of mellow raisin, dark chocolate, freshly ground coffee, and tobacco notes to the party.