POLLY'S  - SPUR B-SIDE BLACK IPA (440ml) 7.2% (Gold member £3.71)

POLLY'S - SPUR B-SIDE BLACK IPA (440ml) 7.2% (Gold member £3.71)

"Our little mini series of beers have always proved to be insanely popular here at Polly’s. Whether it’s the individual staff-designed beers, or the Late Summer single hop pales, a long running theme always seems to go down a storm with our fans. When tossing up ideas for the next series to whirl into our brew plans, our owner Sean came up with the idea of “B Sides” – BIPA versions to run alongside re-brews of our most popular beers. Naturally, it felt the right thing to do to christen this series with the original Augment trio - second up to the plate is Spur! The scrappy middle child of the original trio; we're absolutely vibing off how well the relatively low key but ultra high juice Citra, Simcoe and Azacca hop bill works when turned to the dark side. An in-house favourite and for good reason - the series rolls on!"