POLLY'S  - SAILING SOUTH BEST BITTER (440ml) 4.3% (Gold member £3.07)

POLLY'S - SAILING SOUTH BEST BITTER (440ml) 4.3% (Gold member £3.07)

"No really, we’re being deadly serious. After a successful first attempt at the beginning of the year with Progress Blues, we felt we made a good foundation for ourselves with a best bitter, but as always with our beers, we felt we could do so much better. A welcome break in our hyper-juicy pale and hoppy output, and a perfect wander off the beaten track as the weather begins to get that chilly edge to it, Sailing South is our second go around with a style that we ourselves in the brewery love so much. Letting the malt lead the way here, we’ve gone for small, delicate additions of Mosaic, Amarillo, and Centennial to create a beer that has all the hallmarks of the traditional British beer, with a distinctly modern twist to remind you that this is a Polly’s beer"