POLLY'S  - PINES IPA  (440ml) 6.4%abv

POLLY'S - PINES IPA (440ml) 6.4%abv

An in-house favourite returns! Pines was originally one of the pioneering beers we brewed when the production techniques used within our brewhouse underwent a revamp. Timings, temperatures and water profiles were all thrown into the mix whilst our brewers were desperately seeking improvement to our house flavour profile. At the time, Imparting less bitterness was something we had been keen to explore in our beers, and we achieved this through bringing the whirlpool temp down, and whirlpooling for much less time and adding smaller additions of Enigma and Mosaic, meaning more hops for dry-hopping! Galaxy, Mosaic, and Simcoe in the fermenter result in an absolute juice bomb of a beer, and a welcome return for probably the best version of Pines yet!