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POLLY'S  - PATTERNIST IPA (440ml) 6.6% (Gold member £4.41)

POLLY'S - PATTERNIST IPA (440ml) 6.6% (Gold member £4.41)

The original underrated dark horse of the original three and back permanently as part of our Icons range; Patternist has gained and continues to carry its own massive cult following thanks to it's no frills El Dorado and Simcoe hop bill, albeit hopped up to the absolute nines, and its ornate tiling artwork garnering amazing feedback. A favourite among the staff here at Polly's, and the beer from the original three that started it all that we've brewed the most since we launched our Augment range, expect all kinds of mango, pineapple, jelly tots (no, really) with just a hint of resinous pine bursting from this incredible IPA. A hit when we first brewed it, and a surefire hit again with all the techniques we continue to learn since.


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