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POLLY'S  - GREAT, GOOD, OK PALE ALE (440ml) 4.8%(Gold member £3.93)

POLLY'S - GREAT, GOOD, OK PALE ALE (440ml) 4.8%(Gold member £3.93)

Great, Good, Okay - Pale Ale 4.8%

Those who have followed the brewery since our inception will know how much we love and value melding the old school with the new school here at Polly’s HQ. The beers that we ourselves grew up drinking always get a nod and we’ve made this very apparent on Great, Good, Okay! Featuring an older hop variety that absolutely blew minds when it was launched commercially in Amarillo, we’re hitting the ground running on this beer with a delightfully bright orange marmalade base, before super-noble variety Loral bridges that gap between old and new school with subtle dark fruit notes, backed up with lemon and lime citrus freshness and just a hint of floral complexity, before a final thrust into the new school and those coconut, pineapple, mango and tangerine notes that make Sabro so unique unto itself.


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