HAFOD - DUBBEL (330ml) 7%abv

HAFOD - DUBBEL (330ml) 7%abv

Belgian style Dubbel Bruin


Water, Malted Barley, Oats, Hops, Dates, Figs & Yeast
Contains Gluten from Barley


A brand-new Dubbel recipe for 2020. Inspired by the strong bruin (brown) ales created by Belgian breweries. Head Brewer Phill has layered a complex malt base into Dubbel using a specially selected blend of seven different malts including honey malt & oats. 
The resulting beer has been fermented out to a warming 7% ABV using a Trappist style yeast on a bed of dates and figs to add rich stone fruit flavours to the classic Belgian yeast notes.