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6IX PACK OF DOG'S WINDOW (Gold  member £21.87)
  • 6IX PACK OF DOG'S WINDOW (Gold member £21.87)

    Dog's Window Brewery, Bridgend

    (6 x 440ml cans)


    Highly acclaimed Dog's Window Brewery is inspired by the owner's dog who sits in the window watching the world go by.   The beers are all named after dog commands and the brewery takes inspiration from the very best styles from Europe and America.  


    Wales Ales says - We were pleased to be involved in supporting and encouraging the formation of this brewery and were the very first stockists of a new brewery launching them on our market stall. We stock everything they do!   In our humble opinion this small brewery is one of the leading lights in the Welsh & UK craft scene.   We would recommend Good Boy, our collaboration beer and ... absolutely everything they do!



    Dog’s Window Brewery has grown from the enjoyment and passion of good beer. As a social occasion, three friends would get together and sample various homebrews.

    The conversation would often lead to “You should sell this stuff it’s really good” and “If this was on the shelf in a shop I’d buy it”
    The comments were jokingly laughed off with a reply of “Yeah maybe one day”.

    Well that “one day” came when I thought, why not? I certainly wouldn’t be the first.
    So Dog’s Window progressed from homebrew, to a commercial venture in 2018, what you see today.


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